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The Inspiration and development of Claire's World.

Claire's World

This venture involves harnessing the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence to establish a foundation for a realm in 3D space. Subsequently, AI is harnessed to generate a spectrum of world elements, textures, color palettes, texture animations, and cinematic soundscapes, resulting in a comprehensive creative odyssey.

Artificial Intelligence was responsible for supplying inspiration, generating and assisting creative ideas, creating 3D textures and texture animations, adding intricate details, producing portrait art, infusing the color pink (the best pink :)), shaping the overall ambiance, and supplying the soundscape.

Tools used: 

  • Midjourney

  • Chat-GPT (design co-pilot)

  • GEN-2 Runway (static image to animation)

  • Loudly AI Music Generation

  • Photoshop / Generative Fill

  • Illustrator / Vector Generation

  • Blender 3D

  • Unreal Engine 5

  • Substance Designer (for tileable textures, and normal maps)



In the heart of an enchanting realm, Claire's world transforms into a mesmerizing pink liminal space, a surreal haven where her creativity and imagination flourish. This unique sanctuary houses her vast collection of art, each piece a testament to her boundless passion for self-expression. The very essence of the room defies the conventional constraints of reality, its walls bathed in a soft, ethereal pink glow, casting an otherworldly aura. In this sanctuary, time becomes a fluid, elusive concept, as moments blend into one another, granting Claire the freedom to explore her art with an unhurried sense of wonder.


Foundation & Inspiration.

"AI Ignites Inspiration, Humans Sculpt It:

In the creative process, AI sparks inspiration by sifting through data and generating ideas. Humans then take these AI-fueled sparks and sculpt them through a series of iterations, refining and expanding upon the initial concepts to bring them to life. It's a harmonious dance between AI and human ingenuity, pushing the boundaries of innovation." ~chatGPT


From Iterations.

Background asset iterations to find the perfect style of the artwork to display in the cases.

The images below represent the carefully curated selections chosen to be featured in the final animation.


SFX, Textures, and Experiments.

Midjourney was used to create a series of detail/roughness 3D textures, decal textures, and graphic elements to populate the scene. Chat GPT was used as a creative Co-Pilot to pick the best color of pink, ideas to expand the creative liminal space, and explore recursive designs.