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Nogland's Ethereal Threshold


“Nogland's Ethereal Threshold” is an invitation to a space untethered from the mundane, a sanctuary of suspended reality. It’s where the tangible fades and the intangible paints the scene. Here, in this liminal haven, the air is laced with a spectral calm, and every element is a whisper of the infinite. The colors, soft yet striking, seem to float, defying gravity, crafting a tapestry that feels both tranquil and electric. In this ethereal gateway, you are adrift between the echoes of the known and the silent allure of the beyond.

Created in collaboration with:

Drasko_v (Soundscape design) |

Function Store (TouchDesigner & Interactive design) |


Project Scope:

This piece, a blend of real-time digital artistry and interactive ingenuity, harnesses the power of Unreal Engine. Custom blueprints are meticulously crafted to sync with TouchDesigner, setting the stage for a fluid visual journey. Central to the experience is a magnificent 66-foot LED screen that springs to life as observers approach, with two LiDAR sensors capturing their proximity. These sensors send data to a local server, which then communicates with the Unreal Engine, turning physical movement into digital dynamism. Additionally, there's the possibility to integrate psychedelic post-effects through TouchDesigner. This would add another layer of visual depth, transforming the animations with vibrant, mind-bending elements, and offering a mesmerizing, ever-changing canvas in response to audience interaction.

Tools Used:

  • Cinema 4D

  • Unreal Engine 5

  • TouchDesigner

  • Off World Live

  • OSC Tool-Kit



Explore interactive art that comes alive with your presence. This installation fuses advanced technology and immersive visuals, crafting a unique space where art and audience converge.

- 66' LED in Miami, FL at Factory Town

- Interactivity with LiDAR

- On-Site Realtime Rendering


Presenting the detailed sequences and individual elements that compose the full animation, demonstrating the power and precision of Unreal Engine 5 in crafting our immersive visual narrative.

- Triggered Unreal Engine sequences

- Full animation

- Detailed animations

- Detailed static 16:9 renders

Full Aspect Ratio (6:1)

Detail Stills.

Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 12.23.59 PM.png

The Build.

The transformation of concepts into tangible realities, unveiling the intricate journey from inception to completion.

- Geometry Cache's

- Unreal Engine 5 Blueprints

- Shader Development

- Concepts

- OSC & TouchDesigner