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The Sandbox.

Engaging in a captivating blend of artistic disciplines, my work encompasses a diverse array of creative endeavors. From the dynamic world of Work-in-Progress (WIP) projects to the intricate artistry of shader development, and the mesmerizing intricacies of procedural texture creation and animation, my creative journey is a tapestry of innovation. It extends to the realm of 2D and 3D hybrid illustrations, where vivid dimensions and captivating narratives intertwine.

- Blender Geometry Nodes

- Procedural Workflows

- Procedural Shaders

- Explorations

- 2D Projection Mapping in 3D space 

- Unreal Engine 5

- Photogrammetry 

- Frame by Frame animation in 3D Space

- VR

3D Explorations, Composition, Lighting, and Matte Painting.

2015 - 2023

My creative journey revolves around explorations, a mastery of composition and lighting, and the artistry of matte painting. These elements converge to create immersive visual experiences, where every image is a testament to the fusion of artistic depth and technical finesse.

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