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“Sinners” seeks to illustrate the intersection of man’s perceived morality and the ever-present subconscious rebellion against it. With the shared definition of morality being so cemented within all aspects of modern day society’s constructs, it’s heavily one-sided biblical influences have resulted in a “one size fits all” approach to god, politics, self esteem, and “acceptable” forms of expression. It comes as no surprise that many struggle to navigate their existence within its suffocating confines.


This intimate collaboration is a shameless, un-restricted, and a-moral auditory and visual exploration of what it means to accept and celebrate humanities dualistic nature in the face of heavy religious symbolism which traditionally discourages us from doing so. It is an intentional rejection of obligatory, robotic, and shallow moralistic doctrine- a safe place to integrate all parts of ourselves - dark or light, without the prejudiced labels of “good” or “bad”.


Prepare to enter an electric, bass amplified, pastel hued dark night of the soul and really, really enjoy it.

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